ISSN: 2319- 9792 (Online) | ISSN: 2278-7682 (Print)

VOL 1 ISSUE 1 - 2012


  1. Biocidal Effect of p-Cresol-p-Hydroxy Benzaldehyde, p-Cresol Salicylaldehyde, Resorcinal Benzaldehyde, o-Cresol-p- Hydroxy Benzaldehyde and m-Cresol-p-Formal dehyde resins on Micro- organisms
    Priya Chauhan and R.S.Pal
  2. Effect of Residual Sodium Carbonate Rich Irrigation Water on the Growth, Yield and Oil Production of Lemon Grass
    Yaduvir Singh and Manorama
  3. Evaluation of Efficacy of Different Amendments for the Reclamation of Sodic Soils
    Pradeep Kumar, A.K. Singh, Archana Singh, and S.K. Singh
  4. Knowledge and Attitude of Farmers towards Soil Testing
    Pradeep Kumar, A.K. Singh, Archana Singh and R.K. Singh
  5. Economic Performance of Weaker Section of Rural Community in Dairy Enterprise
    Manju Singh and A.K. Singh
  6. Seasonal Activity of Sogatella furcifera H.,Cnaphalocropcis medinalis G. and Mythimna separata W. in Relation to Weather Parameters in Central India
    Amit Kumar Sharma , Swati Barche and P. K. Mishra
  7. Adoption of Recommended Sugarcane Practices on Varying Holdings in Eastern Uttarpradesh
    S.R. Yadav
  8. Growth of wheat in response to zinc and boron application to soil deficient in available zinc and boron
    Digvijay Singh and Shikha Yadav
  9. Management of Leaf Blight Of Taro through Integrated Approaches
    R.C. Shakywar, S.P. Pathak and Dinesh Sah
  10. Performance of maize-legume intercropping systems in rainfed conditions of Jhabua hills
    Birbal Sahu and G. R. Ambawatia
  11. Effect of Yoga on Moral Judgement
    Anubha Singh and Sahib Dasi
  12. Application of Remote Sensing and G I S in Land use/Land cover Mapping of Pratapgarh District, Uttar Pradesh.
    Virendra Kumar and S.P.S. Jadaun
  13. Comparative Profile of Entrepreneurial Behaviour of Vegetable Growers in Bishnupur District of Manipur
    Daya Ram, A. Prasad, and S.S. Singh
  14. Effect of Weed Control Measures and Sulphur levels on growth and yield of Indian Mustard [Brassica juncea (L.) Czern & Coss] cv. Pusa Bold.
    Ram Sewak, Dinesh Shah and Anjani Kumar Singh
  15. Attitude of Farm Women towards Indigenous Technology regarding agriculture
    D.S.Bhati and Seema Jasuja
  16. Modelling of Phenol Degradation in a Bioreactor
    M.J.Khalil and Neetu singh
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