ISSN: 2319- 9792 (Online) | ISSN: 2278-7682 (Print)

VOL 4 ISSUE 1 - JUNE 2015


  1. Impact of Front Line Demonstrations on Productivity in Bageshwar District of Uttarakhand
    R. P. Sahu, N.K. Singh and M. P. Singh
  2. Phytodiversity and Traditional knowledge of Rae-Bareli District, Uttar Pradesh.
    Deepti Singh and C.P. Shukla
  3. Effect of different doses of inorganic fertilizers and organic manure on yield attributes and yield of rainfed sesame (Sesamum indicum L.)
    Neeraj Kumar Sen, P. K. Tyagi and K. C. Shukla
  4. Characterizing Human-Tiger Conflict in Corbett Tiger Reserve Ramnagar, Uttrakhand with Reference to Corridor Disturbances
    Sanjeev kumar and Kamad Kumar
  5. Variation in Chemical Composition of Garlic (Allium Sativum L.) and Onion (Allium Cepa L.)
    Pradeep Kumar Srivatsava, Balkrishan Sopan Bhople, Deepak Rameshwar Sapkal and Arun Pratap Singh
  6. Effect of Residual Sodium Carbonate of Sodic Irrigation Water on the Nutrient Composition and their Uptake in Lemongrass
    Yaduvir Singh,Uma and A.K.Singh
  7. Effect of Sowing Dates on Yield Contributing Characters and Yield of Some New Wheat Genotypes under Irrigated Conditions
    Poonam Singh and Uma
  8. Review Article- Nutritional Value: An Aspect for Healthy Life of School Going Children.
    Albha Tiwari, V K Tiwari and Manjulata Rao
  9. Effect of Weather Factors on Seasonal Incidence of Insect-Pests of Soybean
    Pragya Yadav, S. Banerjee, M. P. Gupta and V. K. Yadav
  10. Impact of Soil Test Crop Response Technology on Yield and Economics of Wheat in Chandauli district of Uttar Pradesh
    Y. V. Singh, Pradeep dey, S.K. Singh and Mukesh Kumar
  11. Effect of Micro-nutrients and Bio-fertilizers Supplementation on growth, yield and quality of strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa Duch) cv. Chandler
    Yatendra Kumar Singh, V.M. Prasad, S.S Singh and Raj Kumar Singh
  12. Effect of Saline Water Irrigation on Soil and Performance of Onion Crop in Semi-Arid Climate Condition
    S.K. Chauhan
  13. Hand Gesture Based Wireless Controlled Robot
    Dushyant Singh, Riturvanjali Singh, Neelam Sharma, Sagar Shrivastav , and Ashutosh Mittal
  14. Wireless Information Fetching System Using Light Modulation (Li-Fi)
    Neelam Kumari, Ankit Agarwal, Krishanveer Singh, Ravi, and Rahul Dhar Dubey
  15. Production Potential of Cymbopogon Martinii (Roxb.) in Relation to Water Quality and its Impact on Soil Characteristics.
  • Short Communications

  1. Modeling of Button Based Digital Security System
    Hitendra Singh and Jitendra Kumar
  2. Effect of Best Quality Water and Alkali Water on Potato Growing In Semi-Arid Areas of Agra Region of Uttar Pradesh.
    S. K. Chauhan
  3. Estimation of Predation, Food Habit and Prey Selection of Tiger in Corbett Tiger Reserve, Ramnagar, Uttrakhand
    Sanjeev Kumar and Kamad Kumar
  4. Impact Assessment and Effectiveness of Farm Women Training Programmes under ATMA Project in district Tikamgarh of Madhya Pradesh
    S. P. Singh, S. S. Gautam, and Kamini Bisht
  5. A Case Study of Entrepreneurship among Adolescents in Gwalior District of Madhya Pradesh
    Albha Tiwari
  6. List of the Reviewers of 2014
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