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  1. Biological Assay for the Establishment of Viral Nature of Duranta plumeiri
    Sharmita Gupta, Arvind Kumar and Sonal
  2. Effect of SAR and Boron Levels in Saline Water and N, P, Zn Application on the Soil Properties Under Palmarosa Cultivation.
    R. Gupta
  3. Effect of Sprinkler Irrigation System Over Surface Method of Irrigation on Growth and Yield Attributes of Cluster bean
    S K Chauhan and Pramendra singh
  4. Status of Potassium Fractions in Morena District of Madhya Pradesh
    Mohamed Raffic, B.P.S.Raghubanshi, S.V.S.Chauhan, Reeta Mishra,S.K.Dubey and Y.P.Singh
  5. Effect of Storability on Tss, pH, Acidity and Ascorbic Acid Content of Lather of Wood Apple (Feronia limonia L.)
    Khusbu Namdev and V. K. Singh
  6. Effect of Residual Sodium Carbonate of Sodic Irrigation Water on the Nutrient Composition and their Uptake in Lemongrass
    Yaduvir Singh,Uma and A.K.Singh
  7. Effect of Nutrient Management on Yield, Quality and Economics of Rainfed Sesame (Sesamum indicum L.)
    Neeraj Kumar Sen, P. K. Tyagi and K. C. Shukla
  8. Effect of Plant Spacing and Nitrogen Levels on the Yield of Sunflower Varieties.
    A.K. Singh and O.P. Rajput
  9. Effect of Sulphur and Phosphorus Fertilization on the Yield Attributes and Yield of Cluster bean Varieties under Dry Land Conditions
    S.K. Singh and S.P. S. Chauhan
  10. Variation in Family Composition, Earning Status and Size of Holdings in Weaker Section of Rural Society in Western Uttar Pradesh
    Manju Singh, A.K. Singh and D.B. Tyagi
  11. Biogas as one of the Alternate Renewable Sources of Energy- A Study of Village Kanti of Tikamgarh district Madhya Pradesh
    S.S.Gautam, Kamini Bisht and S.P.Singh
  12. Effect of Sodic Water Irrigation and Fertility Levels on the soil Properties under Palmarosa Cultivation
    R.P. Singh
  13. Effect of Plant Growth Regulators in Flowering and Colour Development
    Nitendra Singh Yadav, Daleshwar Gautam and S.S.Gautam
  14. Effect of Storability on Colour, Flavor, Taste and Overall Acceptability of Squash of Wood Apple (Feronia limonia L.)
    V. K. Singh and Khushboo Namdev
  15. Physico-Chemical Properties and N, P, K, S and Zn Status of Soil Profile of Umaria Village, Shahganj Block of District Jaunpur (U.P.)
    B.P.S. Raghubanshi ,Reeta Mishra , S.V.S. Chauhan and R. P. Singh
  16. On-Farm Testing – An Effective Technology Transfer Tool for Adoption of Potato Production Technology in Uttar Pradesh
    Gopi Chand Singh and Gyanendra Singh
  17. Economic Viability of Improved Technology over Traditional Farmer's Practices of Bangalgram (Cicer arietinum L.)
    R.S.Raikwar, V.K..Singh and K.C.Shukla
  • Short Communications

  1. Studies on Effect of Nitrogen Levels and Organic Mulches on Yield , Quality and Economics of Parwal (Trichosanthes dioicaRoxb.)
    Prem Nath, S.V.Dwivedi and M.P.Singh
  2. Impact Assessment of Zero Tillage Technology in Rice-Wheat Cropping System in Sonipat District of Haryana.
    Kuldeep Singh, Jogender Singh, Anil Kumar and Anil Rathee
  3. Growth Characters and Dry Matter Accumulation of Wheat Genotypes as Affected by Dates of Sowing
    Anu Dewanda and Uma
  4. Effect of Saline Water Irrigation on Different Mustard Genotype
    S.K. Chauhan
  5. Socio-economic Status of Mustard Growing Farmers of Agra Region (Uttar Pradesh)
    Rajesh Kumar Singh, S.P. Singh and S.K. Singh
  6. A Study of Small Farmers Knowledge for Potato Production Technology for Potato Production Technology
    Rama Kant Sharma and B.D. Tyagi
  7. List of the Reviewers of 2015
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