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VOL 7 ISSUE 1 - JUNE 2018


  1. Evaluating the Soil Fertility Status of Raigarh District of Chhattisgarh
    S.P.Singh, K.K. Paikra and Chanchala Rani Patel
  2. Front Line Demonstration on Kharif Cauliflower Production in District Kushinagar, U.P.
    Ashok Rai, Anjali Sahu, Akhilesh Kumar Dubey and T.N. Rai
  3. Evaluation of Front Line Demonstration on Black Gram In Datia District of Bundelkhand Zone
    Anil Kumar Singh, R.K.S. Tomar, Awdhesh Singh and Puneet Kumar
  4. Optimization of Ohmic Heating Parameters for Processing of Bael (Aegle Marmelos) Juice
    Manish Kumar
  5. Available Macro Nutrient Status and their Relationship with Soil Physico-Chemical Properties of Chandauli District of Uttar- Pradesh
    Y.V. Singh
  6. Micropropagation of Safed Musli (Chlorophytum borivilianum) - an Endangered Medicinal Herb
    Mukesh Kumar, Rashmi Gangwar, Sushma Sagar, Sorabh Chaudhary, Yogesh Kumar and Vinay Kumar
  7. Quality Assessment and Sensory Characteristics of Noodles Developed by Blending of Selected Grains
    Hemraj Dwivedi, A.K. Tomar and Gajendra Kumar Rana
  8. Influence of Plant Nutrient Management Practices on Nutrient Uptake by the Mustard Seeds (Brassica juncea)
    Sangeeta Dwivedi, Reeta Mishra and Y.D. Mishra
  9. Effect of Land Configurations and Weed Management Practices on Growth and Yield of Soybean
    Bhushan Lal Prajapati, J.P. Dixit, G.S. Kulmi and Janmejay Sharma
  10. A Study on Bio-Ecology of Grey Semilooper In Soybean
    Pragya Yadav and V. K. Yadav
  11. Identification of Superior Indigenous Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) Germplasm for Crop Improvement
    R.S.Raikwar and R.K. Saraf
  12. Symptomatological, Cultural and Morphological Variability of Alternariabrassicae (Berk.) Sacc. Infecting Different Brassica Host Crops
    Vaibhav Pratap Singh, R.U. Khan and Devesh Pathak
  13. Impact of Frontline Demonstration (FLD) on the Yield of Rapeseed-Mustard in Gwalior District of M.P.
    Raj Singh Kushwaha, Rupendra Kumar, Arvinder Kaur, V.S. Badauria and Naresh Gupta
  14. Empowerment of Women Through Entrepreneurial Activities of Self Help Groups
    Anuradha Ranjan Kumari and R. P. Singh
  15. Impact of Watershed Development Programme in Micro Watershed Dari IWMP – 7 of Tikamgarh District of Madhya Pradesh
    Mohammad Imran Khan
  16. Economics and Constraint of Potato crop in Kohima District of Nagaland
    Venyo, Vengoto and Amod Sharma
  17. Constraints as Perceived by the Rural Women in Adoption of Improved Techniques of Kitchen Gardening
    Anuradha Ranjan Kumari and R. P. Singh
  18. Conjunctive Use Of Alkali Water/ Tube Well Water On The Yield And Yield Attributes Of Onion ( Allium Cepa ) In Semi-Arid Conditions Of Western Part Of U.P.
    S.K. Chauhan and M. J. Kaledhonka
  19. Information Perceived by Farm Women for Crop Production Technology
    D.S. Raghuwanshi, Sheela Raghuwanshi, Kamini Bisht and S.P. Singh
  20. Cost Benefit Analysis of Cotton Processing In Haryana
    Rajender Kumar, Amit Kumar and Satyaveer Singh
  21. Awareness About Drudgery Reducing Farm Tools and Implements by Women Farm Workers in Guna District
    Sunita Mishra, S.K.Daneliya and Arif M.Khan
  22. Assessment of Training Needs of Farmwomen: A Case of Western Uttar Pradesh
    Kushagra Joshi
  23. Impact of Kitchen Gardening on Food Security and Nutritional Diversity in NICRA adopted villages of District Kushinagar, U.P
    A.K. Dubey, Anjali Sahu and Ashok Rai
  24. Effect of Integrated Nutrient Management on Morphological and Physical Parameters of Guava (Psidium guajava L.) cv. L-49
    Deepika Kumrawat, Puneet Kumar, R.N. Kanpure, and Ajay Haldar
  25. Milch Animals Maintaining Capacity of the Punjab Women under Dairy Project
    Jogender Singh, Kuldeep Singh and Rita Sengupta
  26. “TECHNOFAME”- A Journal of Multidisciplinary Advance Research
  27. TECHNOFAME- A Journal of Multidisciplinary Advance Research
  28. Guideline for Authors
  29. List of the Reviewers of 2018
  • Short Communications

  1. Vermi Compost: A Sustainable Income generating Activity for Flood Affected Farmers
    Sahu Anjali and Akhilesh Kumar Dubey
  2. Quality Attributes of Rabri Marketed in Agra City
    Amrat Pal Singh, P. K. Singh and V.P. Singh
  3. Response of Soybean to Liquid Biofertizer
    R. J. Tiwari
  4. Women Empowerment Through Drudgery Reduction by the Use of Improved Sickle
    Deepali Chauhan
  5. Quantification of Adaptive Values for Cymbopogonflexuosus (Nees ex Steud.) Wats of Indian Origin
    Renu Gupta, Suresh Chandra and A.K. Shahi
  6. Effect of Phosphorus and Zinc Levels on Yield and Quality of Chickpea
    Anil Kumar Sharma and Pawan Sirothia
  7. Farm Level Knowledge and Status in Banana Post Harvest Handling System
    C. Sivananth, S. Kanchana and M. Esakkimuthu
  8. Communication Sources Used By the Small Farmers in Adoption of Wheat Technology
    V.K. Sharma and Rajesh Kumar
  9. An Economics of Production and Marketing of Chick pea in Madhya Pradesh, India
    Awdhesh Singh, A.K. Singh and R.K.S. Tomar
  10. Management of Prolong Anestrus by PGF2-alfa Analogue in Dairy Animal
    Govind Kumar Choudhary, Rudal Prasad Chaudhary, Rekha Singh, A. K. Chaturvedi and D. P. Singh
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