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VOL 8 ISSUE 2 - DEC 2019


  1. Knowledge Level of Vegetable Growing Farmers in Hills of Uttarakhand: A Comparative Study
    Renu Jethi, Manik Lal Roy, Anirban Mukherjee, Nirmal Chandra and Pratibha Joshi
  2. Impact of Entrepreneurial Behavioural of Farmers For Increasing Their Income Through Bee Keeping Activities
    S.S. Kushwah, S.K. Badodiya, U.P.S. Bhadauria and R.S.Gurjar
  3. Agro-Based Training Needs of Rural Youths of Tikamgarh District, Madhya Pradesh
    Hirdayram Nagar, Kamini Bisht, S.P. Singh, Sheela Raghuwanshi and Khushbu Khatri
  4. Fertilizer Prescription Based on Specific Yield of Funnel in Chandauli District of Uttar Pradesh
    Y. V. Singh and Pavan Singh
  5. Study of Microdiversity in Terms of Phytoplankton and Zooplankton, Current Status of Rishi Lake, Karanja Lad, Washim, Maharashtra
    S.Kumar and Divya D. Thakre
  6. Study of Crop Weather Relationship in Indian Mustard under Different Growing Environments
    M.K. Tripathi
  7. Effect of Sulphur and Phosphorus Application on the Uptake of N, P and S by Grain and Straw of Clusterbean Under Dry Land Conditions
    S. K. Singh and S.P.S Chauhan
  8. STCR Recommendation of NPK Fertilizer Levels in Rice Crop in Inceptisol
    Y.V. Singh, S.K. Singh and P. Dey
  9. Dryland Practices for Crop Sustainability and Productivity
    S.K.Chauhan and Rohit
  10. Enhancing the Productivity of Green gram (moong) through Cluster Front Line Demonstration in the Ashoknagar District of Madhya Pradesh
    H.K. Trivedi, V.K. Jain, S.S. Tomar3, B.S. Gupta, and A.K. Panika
  11. Impact of Rural Youth Migration on livelihood Security in Bundelkhand Region of Madhya Pradesh
    Rahul Patidar, S.P. Singh, Kamini Bisht and Sheela Raghuwanshi
  12. Performance of Field Pea (Pisum sativum L.) as affected by Phosphorus Application
    Uma, Rajvir Singh and Priya Singh Gandhar
  13. Effect of Nitrogen and Phosphorus Levels on the Growth and Yield of Mustard (Brassica Juncea L.)
    Rajvir Singh, Uma and Tapendra Kumar
  14. Analytical Study of Wheat Cultivation Practices in Irrigated Sub Tropics of Jammu District of Jammu & Kashmir
    Rakesh Kumar, Narinder Paul and PS Slathia
  15. Maximization of Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) Yield Using Plant Growth Regulators and Higher Nitrogen levels in North Western Plains Zone
    S.B. Singh, Rajvir Singh, Uma, S.K. Chauhan and S.K. Singh
  16. Effect of Sowing Dates and Phosphorous Levels on Growth, Development and Yield of Summer Mungbean
    Lakhan Patidar, P.K. Tyagi and Namrata Jain
  17. Genetic Evaluation of New Developed CMS Based Wheat Hybrids for Agro- Morphological Traits
    P.K. Mishra, R.S. Shukla and Suneeta Pandey
  18. Genetic Evaluation of New Developed CMS Based Wheat Hybrids for Agro- Morphological Traits
    P.K. Mishra, R.S. Shukla and Suneeta Pandey
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  20. TECHNOFAME- Editorial Board of Journal of Multidisciplinary Advance Research
  21. Guideline for Authors
  23. List of the Reviewers of 2018
  • Short Communications

  1. Effect of Planting Density on Tree Growth, Fruit Yield and Quality of Guava at Tikamgarh District of Madhya Pradesh
    V. K. Singh, Ravi Yadav and Ravi Shankar Ratre
  2. Identification, Characterization and Evaluation of Yearly twice-yielding Type Jackfruit (Artocarposu heterophyllus L.) Germplasm at Bundelkhand Agro-climatic condition
    R.K.Prajapati and V.K. Singh
  3. Assessment of Oats (Avena sativa L.) Varieties under Snow bound Conditions of District Doda for utilization of fallow land during Rabi Season
    Narinder Paul, AS Charak, GN Jha, Sanjay Khajuria and Munish Sharma
  4. Importance of Need Based Agricultural Implements and Equipments in Drudgery Reduction among Rural Farm Women
    Archana Khare, S.V.S.Chauhan, Jaya Rathore and Rupendra Kumar
  5. Assessment of Potential and Utilization Pattern of By-product Foliage in Eastern Uttar Pradesh
    Sahu, A.
  6. Variation in Educational and Occupational Status of Male and Female in Rural Area of District Firozabad
    Manju Singh and Bharti Singh
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